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Lovis Voß, born 1997 in Germany, is a music producer and digital creative located in the Ruhr-area, publishing his electronic styled productions under the name of Mukke and as MelodieTERROR with his orchestral influenced compositions.


Grown up in the uprising digital era of music and with passion to make music, he took violin lessons since the age of four until he was 14 years old and played for ten years in various orchestras of the local music school. With 14 years experience in making music he discovered the possibilities of digital music creation and began to discover the liberty of style that digital software has to offer. Started all by the ambition to bring own and unique sound experiences to life. 2016 he published the first advancements in the album „Suspect of yourself“ under the name of Lovos and went on with it to build up understanding of the art. At that time he also began experimenting with image modification, photography and the arrangements of songs and kept on to develop the goal of bringing new and unexperienced sound and imagery out to the world.


Leading up today he is working towards the debut album of MelodieTERROR and with Mukke he is constantly composing and releasing ever-evolving individual song creations. Mainly based on house influenced drums and melodic build-ups he is creating unique, lifting and most of the time dancable song compositions with a melodic affinity to elements of the genres House and Techno.

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